US Pilot on Intrusive TSA Procedures: “They Want to See My Penis… And, If I Don’t Let Them See It, They Want to Touch It” (Video)

US pilot Michael Roberts is suing the US Government for their intrusive, unconstitutional security procedures at airports. Tonight Roberts told Hannity this about the new police state tactics,
“Want to see my penis… And, if I don’t show it to them they want to touch it.”

Pilot Michael Roberts: “It’s pretty simple. I was commuting to work in Houston where I am based. And, I was stopped along the way by a federal agent. And, they wanted to see my penis. And, when I told them that that was not OK. They said OK. It’s optional…”

Hannity: Whoa, whoa, Michael. Hang on. They wanted to see what?

Roberts: You heard me. As John Tyner said, they wanted to see my junk.


Hannity: They wanted to see it?

Roberts: Well that what those machines do. It’s a virtual strip search. The AIT scanners scan your body. They can see if a man is circumcised or a woman is menstruating. They can see everything…

Hannity: You will not submit to this in any way?

Roberts: Well no. Like I said, if I don’t show it to them, then they insist on touching it. And if I don’t want either one of those then my option is to go home.

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