TSA Chief Pistole Warns Passengers Against Protesting

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TSA Chief John Pistole warned passengers against protesting the intrusive groping procedures now used at airports.
The Politico reported, via Free Republic:

John Pistole, the head of the Transportation Security Administration, is warning angry airplane passengers that protesting at screening checkpoints will slow down lines and could irritate other fliers.

“There’s some unknowns, in terms of how many people may decide to protest,” Pistole said on ABC’s “Good Morning America” of protesters’ plans to “opt out” of screening on Wednesday. “And that’s one of the variables that we are prepared to deal with. But the bottom line is that if the number of people protest at a particular checkpoint, it will definitely slow things down. And i just feel bad for the rest of the traveling public, who are simply trying to get home for the holidays to be with loved ones.”

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