Up Next?… Rectum Scanners Started For UK Prisons

So you think getting groped at the airport is uncomfortable now…

In Great Britain they are using rectum scanners to prevent phones, drugs and other paraphernalia from being smuggled into prison. Already the scanners have detected 21 mobile phones in just a few months.
Via Sweetness and Light and The Telegraph:

The £6,500 chairs are being put in 102 jails across Britain aimed to tackle a surge in phone smuggling.

Prisoners will have to sit on the chairs, called Body Orifice Security Scanners (Boss), which bleep if they have a phone hidden inside them.

They are then scanned in a non-intrusive manner and can also be used to detect drugs and weapons.

The mobile Boss chairs have three sensitive sensors which can detect metal items as small as a pin.

Resembling an electric chair, they have a metal detector on the seat and audio and visual alarms are activated when metal is carried into the magnetic field.

The person being screened positions their chin near the oral sensor and then sits momentarily in the chair. The entire procedure takes a few seconds.

So far two of the Boss devices have helped detect 21 mobile phones in just months at Woodhill prison, in Milton Keynes.

Prisons Minister David Hanson said: “This is a valuable tool towards identifying mobile phones.

“We want to prevent mobile phones coming in, prevent contact with drug runners on the outside, prevent intimidation and prevent individuals running criminal activities from inside.”

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