Bitter Murkowski Blames DeMint For Costing GOP Majority

Just think… Only 6 more years of listening to this horrid RINO attacking conservatives and conservative causes. That ought to be a loads of fun.
Today bitter Senator Lisa Murkowski blamed Senator Jim DeMint for Republicans losing the majority.
The Politico reported:

After ripping Sarah Palin, Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski isn’t mincing words about another one of her high-profile GOP critics: South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint.

“I think some of the Republicans in the Congress feel pretty strongly that he and his actions potentially cost us the majority by encouraging candidates that ended up not being electable,” Murkowski told POLITICO outside her Senate office. “And I think Delaware is a pretty good example of that, and I think there’re some folks that feel that DeMint’s actions didn’t necessarily help the Republican majority.”

Murkowski suggested the South Carolina conservative and favorite of the tea party seemed more interested in bolstering his own political standing rather than that of the Republican Party.

“So the real question is, what’s his desire?” she said. “Does he want to help the Republican majority, or is he on his own agenda, his own initiative?”

Did she actually just question Jim DeMint’s agenda? She is god-awful… Absolutely awful.

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