Woah… Van Tran Pulls Even With Radical Sanchez in CA-47

Woah!… Republican Van Tran is tied with far left democrat Loretta Sanchez in California’s 47th district.
Obama carried the district in 2008 by 22 points!
Guy Benson at Town Hall reported:

In a media exclusive, Townhall.com has obtained a brand new, eye-opening poll from California’s 47th Congressional District–conducted by Public Opinion Strategies:

Van Tran is tied with Loretta Sanchez on the ballot test. Fully 39% of likely voters say they are supporting Van Tran, while 39% are backing Sanchez and 5% siding with Ceci Iglesias (17% undecided). Moreover, Tran’s definite support level is higher than that of Congresswoman Sanchez (30% definitely voting for Tran – 28% definitely voting for Sanchez).

— While there are certainly solid ethnic coalitions in this race – Asian and Vietnamese voters siding with Tran, Latinos favoring Sanchez – Tran enjoys a commanding 34-point lead with White voters in the district (60% Tran – 26% Sanchez).

— Van Tran also polls strongly with Independent voters (42% Tran – 28% Sanchez) and older voters (50% Tran – 30% Sanchez) – two groups that are likely going to determine the victor here.

— Van Tran has a commanding 22-point lead over Sanchez (52% – 30%) among voters who say they are “extremely interested” in the upcoming elections

You can help Van Tra defeat the leftist Sanchez by donating to his campaign here.

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