VP Biden Demands Crowd: "Chant Obama's Name"

You know things are bad when you’ve got to beg the audience to chant Obama’s name.
I Heart Radio reported:

From the White House Poll Reporter – Nia-Malika Henderson of the Washington Post Sunday 10/10/10 in Philadelphia:

“POTUS got on stage at about 5pm after Biden introduced him, and urged thecrowd to chant the president’s name. Remarks will go out soon, but Obamatouched on similar themes from previous speeches. Obama said that he wasglad to “see this crowd fired up.””I’ve got to make sure you stay fired up.”.

“A note on the crowd:According to Deputy Managing Director/Director of Operations, Jazelle M.Jones, the crowd count was 18,500. Pool, as well as several other reportersexpressed some skepticism at that count, but pool was told that there wasan overflow somewhere.Pool asked an officer and he said that the area right in front of whereObama was speaking, had a maximum capacity of 11,000.”

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