US Senate Moves to Toss Up: Dems-48 GOP-47 Toss Up 5

Only a miracle will save far left Senators Feingold and Reid. (Politico photo)

Here is some great news for a Tuesday morning…
The US Senate has officially moved to toss up status according to Rasmussen Reports.

New polling in California moves that state’s Senate race to Toss-Up from Leans Democrat.

Recent polling in Wisconsin moves that state’s Senate race to Leans Republican from Toss-Up.

Current projections suggest that the Democrats would hold 48 seats after Election Day while the Republicans would hold 47. Five states are in the Toss-Up category (California, Illinois, Nevada, Washington, and West Virginia). All five Toss-Ups are seats currently held by Democrats.

Republicans have the edge in five Democratic-held Senate seats–Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

At the moment, no Republican-held seats appear headed for the Democratic column.

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