UNHINGED LEFTIST Who Lunged at Rand Paul Is Paid Far Left Activist

For the record…
The Unhinged Leftist Who Lunged at Rand Paul Is a Paid Activist

MoveOn.org contract employee Lauren Valle stalked and lunged at Rand Paul outside the final debate last night.

Valle, from Falmouth, Massachusetts, was tackled and stepped on by Paul supporters. (TPM)

The media will make this far left activist out to be a martyr today. We already know that.
It certainly was over the line to put a shoe on her shoulder or head.

But, Lauren knew exactly what she was doing.
She’s had plenty of practice. She’s a professional leftist activist.

Lauren was booked in May on felony charges. (LPSO)

Lauren protested oil companies in Louisiana during the BP oil spill. (Telegraph)

Luaren Valle was charged with the felony charges of Unauthorized Entry of a Critical Infrastructure and Unauthorized Entry of an Inhabited Dwelling in May.

Lauren vandalized a ship in May.

Harbor police talk to Greenpeace activists Scott Cardiff (R) and Lauren Valle (L) who are hanging from the bridge painting with their messages on the ship Harvey Explorer at an industrial port at Port Fourchon, Louisiana, May 24, 2010. The activists used oil from the U.S. Gulf of Mexico spill to paint the message “Arctic Next?” on the bridge of the ship, which is scheduled to depart for Alaska to support drilling operations in July. (REUTERS/Greenpeace)


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