Unhinged MoveOn.org Choker Admits He Needs Better Self-Control

He should be locked up. Maybe then he’d learn some control.
MoveOn.org goon Fred Highton had heard enough.
He didn’t want to discuss the issues with conservative Jesse Kelly supporter James Massee…
So he choked him.

Jesse Kelly supporter James Massee was exercising his 1st Amendment rights when a Gabrielle Giffords supporter came up and choked him.

Now, Highton admits he needs better self-control.
The Daily Caller reported:

MoveOn and Republicorps member Fred Highton says he regrets initiating a physical altercation with a conservative Tea Partier at a political event at the University of Arizona earlier this month.

“If I’m going to take part in these political events, I need to learn some self-control,” Highton said.

Conservative James Massee released video of Highton grabbing his throat and face after the face-stomping video from a Kentucky rally for Republican Rand Paul.

“I released it just to show there are some lefties who could be violent too,” Massee said.

Massee said he approached Highton while he was giving a theatrical performance of how MoveOn thinks Republicans treat the working and middle classes to voice his opinion at which point he said Highton started choking him. Massee said he then found a nearby police officer to take control of the situation instead of hitting Highton back. Massee chose not to press charges and plans to stick with that decision now even though he has gone public with his story.

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