Disgusting. Top New Jersey Dem Official Slaps 68 Year-Old Female GOP Staffer (Video)

Here we go… An unhinged staffer for liberal Rep. Frank Pallone slapped a 68 year-old female GOP staffer who was helping to put up campaign signs for Republican Anna C. Little.
It was caught on tape.

Frank Pallone canvasser and longtime supporter (Joe Hawley) attacks senior woman (Jane Frotten, 68) last night (9/29/10) in Atlantic Highlands on 1st Ave. After Joe Hawley struck Jane, Jane rose to defended herself.

The Newark Examiner reported:

A physical altercation took place between a volunteer for Representative Frank J. Pallone (D-NJ-6) and the campaign treasurer of his challenger, Anna C. Little, in Atlantic Highlands last night. The incident took place in front of witnesses and involved police.

According to Russell Cote, Little’s field operations director, the altercation took place at approximately 11:30 p.m. on First Avenue in Atlantic Highlands, not far from Little’s campaign headquarters. The altercation began when a team of supporters of the Pallone campaign began placing signs on the street, and Anna Little’s volunteers, led by Cote, began placing signs of their own, within sight of the Pallone team.

Joseph “Joe” Hawley, the apparent leader of the Pallone team, took exception to the appearance of the Little team and attempted to interfere with them. At that moment, Jane Frotton, 68, Little’s campaign treasurer (who also is the chairwoman of the Republican club in Atlantic Highlands), drove up to the spot, got out, and attempted to reason with Hawley. Cote says that Frotton and Hawley know one another well, because both are extensively involved in the government of Atlantic Highlands, where Little currently serves as mayor. Cote also says that Hawley has a reputation as a hothead, a provocateur, and an instigator.

Hawley escalated the conflict by making disparaging remarks about Frotton’s husband Bernie Frotton (79), calling him “senile” at one point. Frotton took exception to that and upbraided Hawley for his rudeness. That was when Hawley placed his hand on Frotton’s left shoulder and shoved, according to Cote, who was present and directly witnessed the incident. Frotten struck Hawley back in return.

It looked more like a slap than a shove. What a horrible thug.

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