The Code Pink Killing Fields: How Far Left Activists & Barbara Boxer Aided Enemy Agents in Iraq

It should be noted that the so-called “peace activists” at the Code Pink organization are anything but peace activists. These anti-American radicals and Marxists supported the mass murderer Saddam Hussein who ran one of the most brutal regimes in the 20th century. Code Pink activists currently support the illegitimate Iranian regime, the Marxist Chavez regime in Venezuela and have even met with Taliban Islamists.

“Code Pink Kills American Troops Giving Money to Terrorists” (Target of Opportunity photo)

On November 22, 2004, the socialist anti-American group Code Pink sent out a plea to supporters to help send assistance to the “refugees” from Fallujah, Iraq.


Today, as CODEPINK was busily preparing a year-end humanitarian mission to Iraq, we received an urgent message. It was from our dear friend Dahr Jamail, an amazing American independent journalist who has been risking his life to get the true story of Fallujah to the American public:

“I have just come from a refugee camp in Baghdad with families from Fallujah. The suffering is beyond description. It’s worse than anything you’ve read or anything I’ve written so far.

This is a humanitarian crisis. They need medicines for their camp and the other camps immediately. We have an organization set up of doctors who can distribute the medicines and supplies. BUT WE NEED THEM NOW! THIS CANNOT WAIT!”

The next day, on November 23, 2004, Code Pink announced that they had raised nearly $20,000 in one day for “refugess” from Fallujah.

Yesterday we put out an urgent call for aid to refugees from Fallujah, with an initial goal of raising $20,000. The response was amazing. From a $10 donation from a high school student to a $1,000 gift from a medical doctor, the compassion of the American people began to shine through the fog of war. In less than 24 hours, we surpassed our goal and that’s just the online donations!

In addition, a humanitarian aid group donated 300 pounds of priority medical supplies, Cliff Bar is donating high-protein bars for the children, an Iraqi-American returning home offered to be our on-the-ground liaison and people are pledging to do holiday house parties to raise more funds.

When we contacted journalist Dahr Jamail to tell him to good news, he was elated. “Holy cow, $20,000 already? I’m catching my breath. This is so beautiful.” Dahr had just returned from a visit to the Red Crescent, who said they could only care for “at most” 60,000 refugees. “This leaves at least 140,000 refugees, mostly women and children, with no support,” said Dahr. “These supplies will be their lifeline.”

On December 3, 2004, Code Pink announced that after only one week into their campaign they had sent $30,000 to Iraq. Their contact Dahr Jamail claimed the donations bought blankets, warm clothing, food, portable heaters, cooking stoves, stove and heater fuel, antibiotics, needles, sterile gloves, pain medications, gauze, basic first aid materials, water tanks, pipes, water pumps and water purification materials. Dahr Jamail and Code Pink also claimed that these supplies had already distributed to the refugees. The radicals at Code Pink must run an amazingly efficient operation. We’ll discuss Dahr Jamail below.

Code Pink travels to Iraq

Code Pink later reported that they had collected $100,000 in donations. It was also reported that “humanitarian groups” such as the Middle East Children”s Alliance and Operation USA contributed $500,000 worth of medical supplies.

Code Pink was ready to deliver their supplies and donations to the Fallujah refugees. But there was a problem. They needed assistance from Congress to approve their trip. In stepped Senator Barabara Boxer (D-CA) along with Representatives Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) and Henry Waxman (D-CA). These radical members of Congress signed letters to approve their trip to Jordan and the Iraqi border.

These Congressional members wrote this letter despite the fact that in September 2004, Code Pink participated in and just endorsed the Beirut communique, which supported “the right of the people of Iraq and Palestine to resist the occupations” and called for “the unconditional withdrawal of US and “coalition” forces from Iraq.”

With their signatures on the Beirut Communique Code Pink condoned the murder of US soldiers and Marines.
Yet Barbara Boxer and Congressional leftists approved of their trip to the Iraqi border.

Members of Families for Peace, Code Pink and Global Exchange announce that they have sent 600,000 USD in humanitarian aid to the displaced people of Fallujah. (AFP/Khalil Mazraawi)

On December 20, 2004, Code Pink announced their trip to Iraq to deliver supplies to “refugees.” They claimed the November US attack, which virtually leveled the city and left some 2,000 Iraqis and 71 U.S. soldiers dead, also created thousands of refugees, who are living without adequate food, water, electricity and healthcare. On that same day they announced that they would deliver the donations to the Iraqis in late December. They later released a report on their trip to the border.

During our week-long exchange with Iraqis, we heard allegations of US atrocities that made Abu Graib seem like childish pranks: a woman raped in full view of other prisoners, who is now seeking permission from religious leaders to kill herself; a seven-year-old girl, left momentarily in the car while her father stopped at the market, screaming and clawing at the window while a US tank crushed the vehicle; a mother watching in horror as the troops raided her home in the middle of the night, shot her son in the chest and then stomped on him as he bled to death. In Fallujah alone, thousands of civilians were killed in one brutal week. We wept together as we saw gruesome pictures of bodies burned beyond recognition, possibly from the use of napalm, and limbs eaten by dogs because anyone trying to retrieve the dead would be shot. A young Iraqi woman who risked her life taking our humanitarian aid to those too old and infirm to flee was still traumatized by the devastation she witnessed.

After successfully delivering their supplies to the “refugees” from Fallujah Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin told reporters that they had delivered the supplies “to the other side”:

I don’t know of any other case in history in which the parents of fallen soldiers collected medicine … for the families of the ‘other side’,” said Medea Benjamin, the founding director of Global Exchange, a human rights group. “It is a reflection of a growing movement in the United States … opposed to the unjust nature of this war,” she said.

The Code Pink website  includes a list of the radical America-haters who met with them in Jordan and at the Iraqi border. The list includes a who’s who of radical American leftists and a list of so-called Iraqi doctors who were invited to the meetings to talk about the supposed war crimes by the US military in Iraq.

Code Pink’s Contact in Iraq – Dahr Jamail

Code Pink and their contact in Iraq Dahr Jamail claimed they were able to collect donations, purchase supplies and donate those supplies to “refugees” in a war zone in one week. If this is true they should be in distribution instead of activism. But, this isn’t the only thing about Dahr Jamail that makes him an exceptional far left activist and reporter. American Dahr Jamail also has incredible terrorist contacts and claims he traveled through the violence in Iraq unscathed as he met with terrorists and terror leaders.
Dahr Jamail wrote about Fallujah in April 2007 in his “Interview with the Mujahadeen” where he interviewed Islamic terrorists.

Tonight, I await a mujahedeen fighter, sipping tea impatiently until the door opens at the pre-set location.

He enters the room, his presence larger than that which his tall height and bulky body projects.

A blue ski mask hides his face, and he chooses to be called “Ahmed” to protect his identity. With a deep, course voice he introduces himself with the greeting ‘Salam Aleikum’ (Peace be upon you), and asks my translator and I to join him in sitting.

I am lucky to have been granted an interview with this man. Only by promising anonymity and having this pre-arranged has he allowed it.

“I want to tell the truth, but the media does not cooperate with the resistance. The media concentrates on the Americans, and does not care about Iraqis,” he says firmly, “This is not a rebellion, this is a resistance against the occupation.”

When asked what he thought about the Bush Administration referring to the situation in Iraq as the front lines of the “War on Terror,” Dr. Nidal had stated, “Here, one would have to distinguish between terrorism and resistance. Terror was unseen here before the invasion. In Falluja, it is not terrorism, it is resistance.”

In July 2005 Dahr Jamail interviewed another terrorist in Jordan while investigating al-Zarqawi.

“The jihad in Iraq is not just Zarqawi. It is up to Allah if we prevail, not dependent on the hand of Zarqawi. If he is killed, the jihad will continue there.”

I ask him about civilian casualties. Does he think Zarqawi cares about the killing of innocent people?

“I have had so many discussions with Iraqis to tell them that Zarqawi doesn’t instruct his followers in the killing of innocent people. If he did this, I would be the first to turn against him. He only targets the Americans and collaborators.”

…Bush officials continue to link Zarqawi to the Iraqi resistance – undoubtedly another bogus claim in that the resistance in Iraq is primarily composed of Iraqi nationalists and Ba’athist elements who are fighting to expel the occupiers from their country, not to create a global Islamic jihad.

Dahr Jamail wrote about several meetings with terrorists over the years. He also wrote about numerous undocumented atrocities that he blamed on the United States. Jamail is a favorite of the far left. He still posts his anti-American propaganda on his website.

Is Dahr Jamail on the up and up?
The Two Malcontents blog doesn’t think so and wrote this about Dahr Jamail in 2006.

The lying leftist Dahr Jamail “creates” two more mothers and their soldier son’s emails in his current piece of crap:

(A Broken, De-Humanized Military In Iraq)

Of course the emails are bullshit propaganda and solely to give a morale boost to our enemies. Jamail abhors not only America (which he usually refers to as the Evil Empire) but more specifically the American military. Jamail has changed his propaganda tactics lately to sound more sympathetic towards U.S. soldiers as being mere cannon fodder (real nice of Jamail). Those that know Jamail will tell you he’s a Marxist piece of shit and works for any enemies of U.S. soldiers. Did we mention he’s good pals with kommie ass klowns Cindy Sheehan, Medea Benjamin, Zanaib (JillCarroll), Raed Jarrar?

Front Page Magazine has more on this radical leftist:

His stories, however, were not supported by any evidence – nor even by his own photographs. He showed dozens of photos of corpses that he identified as victims of “Marine snipers,” “napalm,” and “chemical weapons,” though there was no way to verify any of this. He claimed that most of the Iraqis killed by U.S. soldiers were women and children, whose “dead and rotten bodies” had been left rotting in the streets to be eaten by dogs.

We do know that Dahr Jamail has an uncanny ability to find and interview terrorists linked to the Iraqi resistance. For some reason these killers trusted this American. Maybe it was his fierce hatred of America? Or, maybe he offered them more than just an outlet for their propaganda. Then again, maybe he’s just a liar.  Or maybe Jamail is a liar, a radical and a traitor?   Are we really to believe that Dahr Jamail and Code Pink gave the $600,000 worth of donations to the suffering refugees of Fallujah? Of course not.

Barbara Boxer, Raul Grijalva, Henry Waxman and Dennis Kucinich need to explain why they supported these traitors and anti-American radicals who aided the enemy and put our troops in danger.

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