Shameless Sen. Murkowski: "Republican Senators Are Secretly Hoping I Win"

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski gave this interview with the far left Anchorage Press. They have one thing in common. They both hate Joe Miller.
And, sore loser Murkowski is not shy about it.
She told Greta Van Susteren: “I don’t like Joe Miller.”

She is shameless.

Yesterday she told the Anchorage Press that senate Republicans are secretly hoping that she wins in Alaska.

Anchorage Press: Why didn’t you run a better campaign in the primary?

Sen. Lisa Murkowski: I don’t want to use the word “complacency,” but [famed election forecaster] Charlie Cook said “Murkowski has a cakewalk in Alaska,” and our own polling numbers supported that prediction, so there was no real sense of urgency. In early August our polls, all the polls, had us 30 points up. Joe Miller was this guy who was making waves in the [Matanuska] Valley, but that seemed to be about it.

Also, the air was really sucked out of the room in this campaign when Senator Stevens’ plane went down. I lost not only a friend and mentor but three other good friends in that crash, so it was personally for me a very, very difficult time. The campaign basically went dark for a full week or so at a critical time, because that was right when the Tea Party Express came in and came in hard, with half a million bucks and very negative ads, and the rest is history.

Anchorage Press: What sort of punishment do you expect to receive from Republican leaders if you beat Joe Miller?

Sen. Lisa Murkowski: I imagine that my colleagues on both sides of the aisle will welcome me back warmly.

Anchorage Press: Why?

Sen. Lisa Murkowski: Because they need my vote. And let me tell you—when you win, it’s a whole different story out there. Because then you’re a player. Right now I’m a write-in candidate and I’m not my party’s nominee and [Republican leaders] are looking at the situation and saying, “We have to stick by the process,” so they’re doing about what I expected of them, which is they’re standing by the party nominee. They may not be doing it gladly but that’s what they’re doing.

Anchorage Press: You think they’re secretly hoping that you’ll win?

Sen. Lisa Murkowski: Yes. Yes I do. Definitely.

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