Linda McMahon Stumps Lib Dick Blumenthal in Debate – Asks Him How You Create a Job (Video)

GOP Candidate and Successful CEO Linda McMahon:
How do you create jobs?

Dem Candidate and liar Dick Blumenthal:

Linda McMahan hammered lifelong public servant Dick Blumenthal in their first debate last night. Blumenthal could not explain how a job was created.
Via FOX Nation:


Linda McMahon stumped her opponent Dick Blumenthal last night during their debate.
She asked him how you create a job.
FOX News reported:

The Republican candidate, who has closed a 40-point gap in polls from January to just 3 percentage points before the debate, said while Blumenthal was working in government, she created jobs — more than 600 in the state of Connecticut. McMahon noted that she has gone bust and rebuilt, experienced the disappointment of having to lay off workers in order to strengthen a company for future growth.

She said she has used tax incentives and hard work to grow WWE, adding that it provides health and accident coverage for its independent contracting wrestlers. Blumenthal questioned why she would support jobs offshore by purchasing products from overseas manufacturers and how come her company is under investigation for allegedly misclassifying workers to avoid tax payments.

McMahon questioned why that probe started after she joined the Senate race against the state’s top cop. Blumenthal responded that he’s in civil law, not criminal.

But a sign of just how nasty the debate would be occurred hours earlier, when McMahon released a TV ad featuring clips of Blumenthal appearing to suggest he served in Vietnam rather than stateside, as a member of the Marine Reserve.

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