Rand Paul Debate Closing Statement: "I Will Not Be Shaking His Hand Tonight" (Video)

“I will not be associated with a man who attacks my religion.”

Conservative Rand Paul and Democrat Jack Conway debated tonight in Kentucky. At one point Conway tried to assure the crowd that he was “not a typical democrat.” Yeah right. That won’t work this year. We just went through two years where democrats voted lockstep to ram through Obama’s radical agenda. We won’t be fooled again, Jack.

During closing comments Rand Paul told the audience that he would not shake Conway’s hand after his attacks on his family, his religion and his faith. Rand Paul is a man of principle, after all.


“We will try to keep the debate on a higher tone. I hope he will leave my church, my family and my religion out of it.”

Conway released a despicable ad that attacked Rand Paul’s Christion beliefs this week. Paul is a member of The Presbyterian Church of Bowling Green, where his wife Kelley is a deacon.

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