Racist Bill Maher Trashes White Men, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann & Christine O'Donnell in Sexist Rant (Video)

Is this supposed to be funny?
Could you imagine a so-called comedian today attacking black men, or Asian men, or Hispanic men, or any other ethnic group like this? Why is it appropriate to crack racist jokes against white men? Is this supposed to make you sound sophisticated? Enlightened? What?

And, when did racist-sex jokes about conservative women become acceptable?

This was outrageous. Bill Maher has made several offensive remarks over the years but this takes the cake.
What a pig.
NewsBusters has the video:

Here’s the transcript from NewsBusters:


To me this story really isn’t about sports or sex or how necessary caller ID is. It’s about how pathetic and clueless white American males have become because the kind of guy who thinks there are women out there who just cold want to see your cock is the same kind of guy who thinks Sarah Palin is swell and tax cuts pay for themselves…

…Because for hundreds of years, white penises were America. White penises found America. They made the rules and they called the shots, in the workplace, in the home and at the ballot box. But now the unthinkable is happening. White penises are becoming the minority. 2010 was the first year in which more minority babies were born than white babies. This is what conservatives are really upset about. That the president is black, and the Secretary of State is a woman, and every shortstop is Latino, and every daytime talk show host is a lesbian. And suddenly this country is way off track and needs some serious restoring. If penises could cry, and I believe they can, then white penises are crying all over America. And that’s where this crew comes in. The lovely MILFs of the new rank. And their little secret is that their popularity comes exclusively from white men. Look at the polling. Minorities hate them. Women hate them. Only white men like them. I’m no psychiatrist but I do own a couch. And my theory is that these women represent something those men miss dearly: the traditional idiot housewife.

If an election between Obama and Sarah Palin were held today and only white men could vote, Sarah Palin would be president. Did you know that in 1788, when there were 4 million people in America, only 39,000 of them, the rich white men, got to vote? That doesn’t sound good to you? Well, what I if threw in a picture of my cock?

My friend Dana Loesch was a guest on Maher’s show last night.
I look forward to hearing her take on his outrageous racist-sexist rant.

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