Wow!… O'Donnell Nails Coons: "I Would Argue That More People Would Support My Catholic Faith Than His Marxist Beliefs" (Video)

Oops… Christine O’Donnell just let the commie out of the bag.
Christine O’Donnell nailed self-professed Marxist Chris Coons tonight saying,

“I would argue that more people would support my Catholic beliefs than his Marxist beliefs.”

No wonder the state-run media hates her. She keeps bringing up the facts that they do not want disclosed.

Coons then lied about his “Bearded Marxist” essay. He said it was satire when clearly it was not.

The Caucus reported:


A feisty, aggressive Ms. O’Donnell called Mr. Coons a Marxist whose beliefs came from a socialist professor and said he would “rubber stamp” the policies of the Democrats in Washington. Mr. Coons raised questions about whether Ms. O’Donnell’s faith would drive her positions on social issues like abortion, prayer and evolution.

The state-run media was clearly in the tank for the Marxist in tonight’s show trial debate.

Blue Collar Philosophy called the debate a modern day witch trial.

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