NFL Tells Lib Feingold to Take Down Pathetic Ad

It was a pathetic ad anyway.
Now it’s an embarrassment.

Dump it, Russ.

Stephen Hayes at The Weekly Standard reported:

Senator Russ Feingold, a leading voice for tight regulations on campaigns and elections, has been contacted by the National Football League today for using NFL footage without permission for a new campaign ad.

In the ad, Feingold claims that Republican Ron Johnson and others are figuratively dancing in the end zone, celebrating his expected defeat on November 2. A scoreboard shows time remaining and Feingold says he’s not done yet. As he speaks, the screen shows footage from several post-touchdown celebrations, most of them featuring generic teams wearing generic uniforms.

But one scene features NFL receiver Randy Moss when he used to play for the Minnesota Vikings, the despised rival of the Green Bay Packers. Moss pretends to “moon” the crowd and the footage includes NFL announcer Joe Buck pronouncing the act “disgusting.”

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