Moderate Palestinian Leader: We Won't Recognize Israel

So much for that peace agreement…
The Moderate Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas said Friday that he would not recognize Israel.
YNet News reported:

In Ramallah meeting with Hadash party members, Palestinian president calls on Israel to ‘recognize state of Palestine within 1967 borders’; says opposed to population exchanges as part of permanent agreement.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Friday he would not recognize Israel as a Jewish state, adding that he was also opposed to population exchanges as part of any permanent peace agreement.

During a meeting with heads of the Hadash party in Ramallah, Abbas said, “Had we given up on our principles, we would have signed an agreement years ago.”


According to those who took part in the hour-long meeting, the Palestinian president said the direct talks with Benjamin Netanyahu have not progressed and that the Israeli prime minister is insisting on the continuation of construction in the West Bank’s Jewish settlements. Abbas reiterated that he would not agree to resume negotiations as long as settlement construction continues.

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