Lib Media Outraged That Joe Miller's Security Guards Are Active Duty Military Extremists

Tuesday’s active duty soldiers are Today’s extremists…
Keep throwing that mud libs- something ought to stick.

On Sunday night Joe Miller’s security guards detained an unhinged far left blogger after he assaulted an individual and harassed Joe Miller. The lib blogger even followed Joe Miller into the bathroom.

On Tuesday the media was outraged that Joe Miller’s security guards were active duty military soldiers in the US Military. But, bashing the military and getting a couple of soldiers fired from their part-time jobs didn’t stir up the outrage that they had hoped for.

Well, it’s Wednesday and the democrat-media complex is still pushing to make this publicity stunt the scandal of the year.

Yahoo is even taking reports directly from the far left Alaskan blogs to smear Joe Miller and make him appear extreme. (Joe Miller opposes the Obama-Pelosi trainwreck so that automatically makes him an enemy of the state-run media.)

Here’s the latest on the non-scandal:

Alaska Senate GOP candidate Joe Miller’s security detail, Drop Zone Security Services, made headlines this week for detaining a journalist at a Miller campaign event. Now, several Alaska blogs reveal that the security company Miller hired is tied to an extremist militia group and didn’t have a current business license.

William F. Fulton, the owner of Drop Zone, is a local commander and “supply sergeant” of the Alaska Citizens Militia, Palingates blog reported Wednesday. The blog identifies the militia’s leader as Norm Olson, the man identified last year by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a “radical among radicals” who had founded the extreme Michigan Militia before setting up shop in Alaska. The center reports that Olson drew widespread attention for stating that Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols had attended a Michigan Militia meeting not long before the bombing.

Unreal. The lib media will do anything to prop up liberals and divert attention from the real issues facing this country.

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