India Hires Security Monkeys For Commonwealth Games

Who needs security robots when you’ve got security monkeys?

It sorta works like this?…

India is deploying 38 security monkeys to work the Commonwealth Games this week.
The Economic Times reported:


While 100,000 security guards have been deployed to counter potential threats from militants, authorities here have turned to rented langurs to thwart any monkey threat to the Commonwealth Games starting on Sunday.

Monkeys are a menace in some parts of the Indian capital, especially east Delhi, and one such attack in 2007 led to the death of the then deputy mayor S S Bajwa who fell from a terrace and eventually succumbed to injuries.

The grey langur, a giant monkey with a black face, is a popular antidote to the monkey threat and the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) is using the old trick to scare away the primates.

“We have deployed 38 langurs and it is a very effective way to scare away the common monkeys,” NDMC spokesman Anand Tiwari told Reuters on Wednesday.

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