Gunman Goes On Shooting Spree at California Grade School Playground

The suspect got out of his car, climbed a fence and started shooting students, ages 6 and 7, on the playground. Two students were injured.

Kelly Elementary School Shooting (10 News)

The name of the man has not been released.

LA Now

A gunman dressed in black and carrying a Halloween jack-o’-lantern or can of gasoline wounded two students at an elementary school in Carlsbad, Calif., before being tackled by construction workers.

Ed Willins, who was nearby when the incident occurred, said he saw the workers tackle the gunman. “They were on him immediately,” he told The Times. “They administered a little street justice on him before the cops got there.”

Shortly after noon, the gunman rolled up to Kelly Elementary School in his car, said Lt. Kelly Cain of the Carlsbad Police Department. Armed with a .357-caliber handgun, Cain said, the assailant stepped onto the sidewalk next to the playground and started firing “wildly.”

Two students suffered “non-life threatening” graze wounds and were being treated by doctors, officials said, and the bomb squad was called to examine a propane tank found in the gunman’s car.

After the shooting, parents were notified and came to pick up their children at the school, located in an upper middle-class neighborhood with tall trees and a spacious park.

[Upated at 3:24 p.m.: Construction worker Carlos Partida said he saw the suspect firing his gun at the children. He said the gunman appeared to be reloading and trying to leave the scene when he jumped in his truck and rammed the man, knocking him down.

“My reaction was to get him. Get him away from the kids,” he said. Partida said he and two other construction workers held the gunman down until police arrived.

The two children were airlifted to Rady Children’s Hospital. Witnesses said they did not appear to be seriously injured as they were taken to the aircraft and that one of them even waved to onlookers.

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The shooter, described as thin with a goatee and frizzy hair, has given three names, one of them a woman’s name.

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