GOP Headquarters in Denver Vandalized Twice This Past Week

GOP headquarters in Denver were vandalized twice this week.
Officials are not clear if the vandalism was politically motivated.
The Denver Channel reported:

The Denver County Republican headquarters were vandalized twice this past weekend.

On Saturday night, someone used a hammer to drive 17 holes into the stucco building and through a sign for Ronnie Nelson, a Republican candidate for state House District 5.

And on Sunday, someone ripped signs off the side of the building and threw them on the street, said Denver County Republican Party Chairman Ryan Call. The four 5 feet by 8 feet campaign signs, belonged to John Suthers, Ken Buck, Scott Gessler, and Ronnie Nelson.

It’s not clear if the vandals were politically motivated or if there were just creating mischief.

“We are not sure if this vandalism is politically motivated,” Call said, “but we would hope that those who do disagree with us are able to do so in a way that is not disagreeable. Our parties have different ideas about how best to fix this country, and that discourse is important, but it needs to be conducted civilly without resort to violence and vandalism.”

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