Fake Nevada Tea Party Candidate Ashjian Says Tea Party Express Is "Racist"- Bashes Sharron Angle (Video)

This fraud sure seems to be helping out the Reid Campaign for some odd reason.
Fake Nevada Tea Party candidate Scott Ashjian was sued by the Independent American Party in March. The suit challenged Ashjian’s membership in the Tea Party of Nevada. He was also charged with felony theft for passing a bad check in Las Vegas this spring.

This weekend Ashjian released a tape of a recorded private conversation he had with Sharron Angle. Angle complained about the Republican Party during the conversation and asked Ashjian to remove himself from the ballot. Ashjian refused and released the tape of the private conversation to the liberal media. Ashjian is currently polling at 1% of the vote. Angle and far left minority leader Harry Reid are tied.

This afternoon Ashjian lashed out at the “racist” Tea Party Express and the Republican Party saying he would not endorse Angle or Reid in the election.

Unfortunately, this fake tea party candidate is trying to pull votes from Sharron Angle.
…How convenient for Harry Reid.


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