Dem Senator: Libs Should Run On Obamacare – Tea Partiers Are Extremists

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) urged liberals to run on Obamacare and Wall Street reform and lashed out at tea party extremists.
The Hill reported:

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) argued in an op-ed that the Tea Party is divisive, driven by anger and doesn’t like America “the way we are.”

Writing in Monday’s USA Today, Brown said that liberals should be proud to run on healthcare and Wall Street reform and discuss the accomplishments “in specific, understandable terms.”

“The John Birch Society of 1965 has bequeathed its fervor and extremism to the Tea Party of 2010,” Brown wrote. “History tells us that rage on the right should not be confused with populism.”

The senator accused Republican candidates of “offering the same faux populism and ‘solutions’ of the Bush years.

“The Tea Party vision of 21st century America would gut Medicare and Social Security, ignore the minimum wage, and scale back consumer protections and regulations that keep Wall Street honest and our food supply safe,” Brown wrote. “It seems to me that Tea Party activists, increasingly influential in the Republican Party, do not seem to much like America the way we are.

“Tea Party populism is driven by anger at our government and at our country,” he continued. “Real populism fights for all Americans, while Tea Party populism divides us.”

Maybe Senator Sherrod missed the news that 70% of Americans support the tea party movement on the issues.

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