Dem Majority Leader Hoyer Threatens Black GOP Opponent: "I'm Coming After You"

Democrat Majority Leader Steny Hoyer threatened his GOP opponent Charles Lollar in a debate last week telling the Republican, “I’m coming after you.”

The Left Coast Rebel and Southern Maryland Online reported:

Last week’s forum in Waldorf became tense at the end, demonstrating the “heat” of the campaign. After a question from the moderator concerning controlling the budget and expenditures, Lollar challenged Hoyer’s answer, noting that congress recently adjourned without passing the FY-2011 (which began on October 1) budget.

“Congress holds the purse string, they’re responsible for appropriations. In fact, my Congressman Mr. Hoyer refused to even pass a budget for this year for the first time in several years, which is completely irresponsible,” said Lollar according to a transcript released by the Lollar campaign this morning.

Immediately after the exchange, Hoyer turned to Lollar and said, “I’m coming after you,” according to a press release issued by the Lollar campaign this morning. “When Lollar brushed aside the challenge with a smile, Hoyer then repeated it.” Lollar spokesperson Patt Parker told that Hoyer made this comment after the microphones had been turned off.

Spoken like a true thug.

Here is a great ad Charles Lollar is running in the Maryland race:

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