Change!… Team Obama to Doctors: Start Working Weekends

Obama and Pelosi know best.

(Cartoon by Steve Breen as found on 7/23/09)
More Hope and Change…
Team Obama wants doctors to start working weekends.
Former failed White House economic advisor Peter Orszag demanded this in his op-ed today in The New York Times:

Doctors, like most people, don’t love to work weekends, and they probably don’t enjoy being evaluated against their peers. But their industry can no longer afford to protect them from the inevitable. Imagine a drugstore open only five days a week, or a television network that didn’t measure its ratings. Improving the quality of health care and reducing its cost will require that doctors make many changes — but working weekends and consenting to quality management are two clear ones.

That’s why an effort at New York University Langone Medical Center to institute both of these changes is so important. If it succeeds, it will help point the way to the health care system of the future.

First, weekends. It’s never good to be hospitalized, but you really don’t want to be hospitalized on a weekend. There are fewer doctors around, and people admitted on Saturdays and Sundays fare relatively poorly.

…Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to schedule your elective surgery on a Saturday if you wanted? Most hospitals don’t offer that option.

And then there are the economics of a $750 billion-a-year industry letting its capacity sit idle a quarter or more of the time. If hospitals were in constant use, costs would fall as expensive assets like operating rooms and imaging equipment were used more fully.

That’s one way to fix the doctor shortage created by Obamacare – work doctors to death.

All American Blogger has more on the proposed schedule.

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