Bye-Bye Boxer… New Study Shows Senator Maam Can't Get Past 45 Percent

Good News for Carly Fiorina— Bad News for Senator Maam

The Tarrence Group released a study this week that shows that Barbara Boxer is unable to climb above the 45% level on ballot strength. A majority of California voters also believe that America’s worst senator and Code Pink ally has served long enough in the United States Senate.
This is devastating for Barbara Boxer.
The Campaign Spot reported:

Boxer has failed to make Fiorina an unacceptable alternative in the final weeks of the election – as she has always been able to do in the past. Both candidates enter the last 11 days at parity in terms of their image ratings, with both of them at a pure 1:1 favorable to unfavorable ratio.

It is also important to note that Boxer’s negatives are fully institutionalized to the point where she has never once broken the 45% level in terms of her ballot strength, and there are a “hard” fifty-three percent (53%) of voters who believe it is time for a new person.

The final eleven days of the campaign are entirely about weight of message. The trajectory of the last two weeks of tracking clearly shows that the Fiorina campaign has been pitch perfect in terms of message, and have a message arc that can and will close the deal.

The Boxer campaign has also shown that they are now past the end of their message arc and do not have a playbook for what to do thematically in the last eleven days. They have already tried to prosecute the messages they believe would render Fiorina unelectable – worst CEO, right-wing extremist, outsourcing, etc – and none of them have performed as they needed them to.

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