Busted. Dem Candidate Reportedly Behind Tea Party Robocall

They will stop at nothing…

Local reporters discovered that a tea party robocall was linked to Democrat candidate Steve Pougnet in California.
My Desert reported:

Democratic congressional candidate Steve Pougnet unleashed an automated phone call to voters Friday that attempts to split the conservative vote by touting a third-party candidate.

The call hit the same day as voters received a Pougnet mailer that says American Independent candidate Bill Lussenheide makes Republican U.S. Rep. Mary Bono Mack “look like a raging liberal.”

The Pougnet effort is aimed at nudging Republicans to consider Lussenheide as the “tea party” alternative to Bono Mack.

According to a recording obtained by The Desert Sun, the automated call is from a registered Republican who says he is voting for Lussenheide because he is the “true conservative, tea party candidate.”

Another slimy democrat.
Of course, if he was a Republican we’d see this story in more than one newspaper.

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