Barbara Boxer's Code Pink Pals Disrupt Condi Rice in San Francisco (Video)

Barbara’s Boxer’s Code Pink pals interrupted Condi Rice today during her speech in San Francisco. The radical Marxist group has a long history of stalking and disrupting conservative events.
Via HotAirPundit and Free Republic:

It wasn’t the first time this pro-Barbara Boxer Marxist group ambushed Condoleezza Rice.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, right, was confronted by CodePink member Desiree Anita Ali-Fairooz, her hands painted red, as she arrived to testify on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2007, before the House Foreign Relations Committee hearing regarding US policy in the Middle East ,where she spoke about Iraq, Iran, and the Israel Palestinian conflict. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

Thanks to Barbara Boxer these anti-American radicals were able to travel to the Iraqi border and donate cash and supplies to Islamic extremists to use against American troops.

Members of Families for Peace, Code Pink and Global Exchange announce that they have sent 600,000 USD in humanitarian aid to the displaced people of Fallujah. (AFP/Khalil Mazraawi)

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