Barack Obama Seeks to Energize Unemployed Young Voters

Barack Obama is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression and possibly is the worst jobs president in US History.

(Source: US Misery Index)

They wanted to fundamentally change America. They did.
The actual jobless rate has now topped 9.5 percent for 14 straight months, the longest stretch since the 1930s.

From November 2008, the month he was elected, until now, the economy has shed more than an astonishing 4.4 million jobs. That’s worse than Hoover.

Youth unemployment is at record levels under Barack Obama.

The US economy lost another 95,000 jobs in September.

On Tuesday Barack Obama begged American youths to support him and Democrats in November.
The Politico reported:

President Barack Obama tried to fire up the Twitter generation during a live-streamed town hall event Tuesday night in hopes of reigniting the social media network that served him so well in 2008.

A low-key Obama, answering questions before a hand-picked audience of mostly college-age Democrats at George Washington University in Washington, reiterated his call for supporters to get off their hands in a midterm season thus far dominated by a riled-up Republican base.

“One of the challenges of this election is to make sure we understand that as difficult as things have been, we are moving in the right direction,” Obama said.

“The challenge is to make sure that once again hope overcomes fear.”

The attendees applauded, smiled and snapped cell phone pictures of the president. But eyelids became heavy and a few heads drooped when Obama launched into detailed defenses of his policy.

Hundreds watched from “watch parties” put together by Organizing for America (OFA) across the country , with the event streamed over, his campaign website.

In addition to fielding questions from the audience, Obama answered inquires posed by supporters from blog posts, e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, and, for the first time ever, Skype.

Obama took the opportunity to attack Republicans for capitalizing on tough economic times for political gain, but conceded that “the other side right now is excited.”

“The future is going to be in your hands,” Obama warned. “The only thing that’s going got counteract [Republican efforts] are your voices.”

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