As Independents Sway to GOP Here's 99 Hopefuls to Watch

FOX News reported today that independent voters are flocking to the GOP according to a new poll.

A Politico/George Washington University poll showed independents choosing Republicans by a 14-point margin. The survey showed those voters held a bleaker-than-average view of key Democratic policies — 62 percent had an unfavorable view of the health care law, compared with 52 percent for all voters; 66 percent said the stimulus is not working, compared with 57 percent for all voters.

Erick Erickson at Redstate put together a list of the top 99 GOP hopefuls to support and watch this last week before the election.

Rank 2010 Incumbent District Nominee Rating
1 Melancon LA3 Jeff Landry Safe R
2 Gordon TN6 Dianne Black Safe R
3 Snyder AR2 Tim Griffin Likely R
4 Ellsworth IN8 Larry Bucshon Likely R
5 Moore, D. KS3 Kevin Yoder Likely R
6 Edwards, C. TX17 Bill Flores Likely R
7 Kilroy OH15 Steve Stivers Likely R
8 Massa NY29 Tom Reed Likely R
9 Markey CO4 Cory Gardner Likely R
10 Halvorson IL11 Adam Kinzinger Likely R
11 Kosmas FL24 Sandy Adams Likely R
12 Tanner TN8 Stephen Fincher Likely R
13 Dahlkemper PA3 Mike Kelly Likely R
14 Driehaus OH1 Steve Chabot Lean R
15 Kratovil MD1 Andy Harris Lean R
16 Kirkpatrick AZ1 Paul Gosar Lean R
17 Perriello VA5 Robert Hurt Lean R
18 Nye VA2 Scott Rigell Lean R
19 Stupak MI1 Dan Benishek Lean R
20 Shea-Porter NH1 Frank Guinta Lean R
21 Baird WA3 Jaime Herrera Lean R
22 Hodes NH2 Charlie Bass Lean R
23 Teague NM2 Steve Pearce Lean R
24 Grayson FL8 Dan Webster Lean R
25 Kagen WI8 Reid Ribble Lean R
26 Kanjorski PA11 Lou Barletta Lean R
27 Berry AR1 Rick Crawford Lean R
28 Pomeroy ND1 Richard Berg Lean R
29 Obey WI7 Sean Duffy Lean R
30 Sestak PA7 Pat Meehan Lean R
31 Childers MS1 Alan Nunnelee Lean R
32 Murphy, P. PA8 Michael Fitzpatrick Lean R
33 Kissell NC8 Harold Johnson Lean R
34 Titus NV3 Joe Heck Toss Up/Tilt R
35 Boyd FL2 Steve Southerland Toss Up/Tilt R
36 Boccieri OH16 Jim Renacci Toss Up/Tilt R
37 Space OH18 Bob Gibbs Toss Up/Tilt R
38 Mollohan WV1 David McKinley Toss Up
39 Schauer MI7 Tim Walberg Toss Up
40 Herseth Sandlin SD1 Kristi Noem Toss Up
41 Marshall GA8 Austin Scott Toss Up
42 Spratt SC5 Mick Mulvaney Toss Up
43 Mitchell AZ5 David Schweikert Toss Up
44 Arcuri NY24 Richard Hanna Toss Up
45 Hill IN9 Todd Young Toss Up
46 Carney PA10 Thomas Marino Toss Up
47 Foster IL14 Randy Hultgren Toss Up
48 Hall, J. NY19 Nan Hayworth Toss Up
49 Bright AL2 Martha Roby Toss Up
50 McNerney CA11 David Harmer Toss Up
51 Giffords AZ8 Jesse Kelly Toss Up
52 Minnick ID1 Raul Labrador Toss Up
53 Salazar CO3 Scott Tipton Toss Up
54 Schrader OR5 Scott Bruun Toss Up
55 Adler NJ3 Jon Runyan Toss Up
56 Klein FL22 Allen West Toss Up
57 Hare IL17 Bobby Schilling Toss Up
58 Rodriguez, C. TX23 Quico Canseco Toss Up
59 Davis, L. TN4 Scott DesJarlais Toss Up
60 Chandler KY6 Andy Barr Toss Up
61 Boswell IA3 Brad Zaun Toss Up
62 Owens NY23 Matt Doheny Toss Up
63 Bishop, S. GA2 Mike Keown Toss Up
64 Delahunt MA10 Jeff Perry Toss Up
65 Donnelly IN2 Jackie Walorski Swihart Toss Up
66 Skelton MO4 Vicky Hartzler Toss Up
67 Murphy NY20 Chris Gibson Toss Up
68 Wilson, C. OH6 Bill Johnson Toss Up
69 Taylor MS4 Steven Palazzo Toss Up
70 Grijalva AZ7 Ruth McClung Toss Up
71 Bishop NY1 Randy Altschuler Toss Up/Tilt D
72 Heinrich NM1 Johnathan L. Barela Lean D
73 Critz PA12 Tim Burns Lean D
74 Boucher VA9 Morgan Griffith Lean D
75 Larsen WA2 John Koster Lean D
76 Peters MI9 Rocky Raczkowski Lean D
77 Connolly VA11 Keith Fimian Lean D
78 Maffei NY25 Ann Marie Buerkle Lean D
79 Sanchez, Loretta CA47 Van Tran Lean D
80 Kind WI3 Dan Kapanke Lean D
81 McMahon NY13 Michael Grimm Lean D
82 Altmire PA4 Keith Rothfus Lean D
83 Walz MN1 Randy Demmer Lean D
84 Murphy, C. CT5 Sam Caliguri Lean D
85 Sutton OH13 Tom Ganley Lean D
86 Rahall WV3 Elliot “Spike” Maynard Lean D
87 Himes CT4 Dan Debicella Lean D
88 Shuler NC11 Jeff Miller Lean D
89 McIntyre NC7 Ilario Pantano Lean D
90 Perlmutter CO7 Ryan Frazier Lean D
91 Pallone Jr. NJ6 Anna Little Lean D
92 Kennedy, P. RI1 John Loughlin Lean D
93 Etheridge NC2 Renee Ellmers Lean D
94 Costa CA20 Andy Vidak Lean D
95 Loebsack IA2 Marianette Miller-Meeks Lean D
96 Oberstar MN8 Chip Cravaack Lean D
97 Braley IA1 Benjamin Lange Lean D
98 Hinchey NY22 George Phillips Lean D
99 Carnahan MO3 Ed Martin Lean D

Republican Ruth McClung in Arizona is running a Monday Money Bomb today. With all the bogus registrations being brought in at the last minute on Raul Grijalva’s behalf, she’ll need all the help she can get.

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