THOUSANDS In Attendance- St. Louis Holds Regional 9-12 Tea Party Protest (Video)

Unofficial tally— 14,000!!

The conservative movement is FIRED UP in Missouri!

What a MASSIVE Crowd!

Hat Tip Jeremy Segal

I can see November from the Arch.


Dana Loesch is liveblogging and has photos.

Conservative Stacy Washington spoke about race and politics today. Stacy and her husband Roderick brought their family down to the rally today.

Station Manager Jeff Allen (on left) Dana Loesch and Jamie Allman from 97.1 are here following the rally live.
You can listen live here.

The Tea Party Youth are excited to be here- They’re speaking in a little bit.

Best-selling author of Crimes Against Liberty: An Indictment of President Barack Obama David Limbaugh is speaking today. He brought 4 of his 5 children along today.

Here I am looking like a giant with Dick Morris and Missouri’s next senator Roy Blunt.

Racists Andre Harper, Stacy Washington, Stephanie Ruback, Martin Baker and Mike Flynn of Big Government.

The Sounding Fathers were the BEST BAND ever at a conservative rally. They rocked!
I’ll put a clip up from their performance.
UPDATE– Bob McCarty has video of the Sounding Fathers. They were great!
You can catch a few glimpses of Dana Loesch and I dancing in the background.

Lead Singer of the Sounding Fathers— This band was the biggest shock of the day.
Just Awesome!

Radio host and blogger Gina Loudon poses with her son.

Look at this guy… I found this young patriot at the end of the rally.

Myself, Missouri Lt. Governor and Healthcare Hero Peter Kinder and conservative Representative Steve King (R-IA).

I spoke today at the rally but my dancing on stage during the Sounding Fathers was much more impressive.

More… Mark P. sent these photos from the rally. And StL Cyclist has photos posted here.

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