LEFTIST "RELIGIOUS" MOB– Spits on Andrew Breitbart – Screams Homo (Video)

Outside Right Nation 2010

A leftist “religious” mob assembled outside the Sears Center at the Right Nation event featuring Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart. Protesters spit on Right Nation attendees and called them homophobic slurs. The “religious leaders” also lashed out at Glenn Beck.
It was quite a religious experience.

Dana Loesch caught video of the spitting.

Click on Photo for Video–


Andrew Breitbart is harassed by the crowd- called a homo.

Obama’s Organizing for America (OFA) members were bussed into the parking lot before the Right Nation 2010 Conference in Chicago. The leftist protesters harassed Andrew Breitbart and called him a homo. This is while one of the members was leading the group in prayer.

After their religious service they turned in their flags and stacked up their signs.

They loaded their bus and took off down the road to OFA land.

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