Karl Rove: Christine O'Donnell Can't Possibly Win… That's Why I'll Continue to Bash Her Until Election Day

This is getting old…
Karl Rove viciously attacked Christine O’Donnell before she even finished her victory speech on election night in Delaware. O’Donnell thumped uber-RINO and GOP establishment favorite Mike Castle in the senate primary on Tuesday. Rove did not congratulate the winner but he did say she was “nutty.”

Rove again attacked the deeply flawed O’Donnell on FOX News during the day on Wednesday emphasizing the fact that this flawed woman even had difficulty even paying off her college loans… The horror!

And, just in case you missed it… Last night on Greta Van Susteren Rove again lashed out at the deeply flawed conservative Christine O’Donnell.


Rove made sure to emphasize during his repeated attacks that O’Donnell was deeply flawed and could not possibly win in November.
He’ll make sure of it.

As Sarah Palin said: Insiders (like Rove) don’t think Christine O’Donnell will win because they don’t want her to win.

UPDATE: The Architect Has No Clothes.

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