Figures. Obama Administration Bashes Arizona; Defends Card Check & Delcares Union Organizing a Human Right in UNHRC Report

In late August the Obama Administration hauled the State of Arizona in front of the UN Human Rights Council over its immigration policy. For the record, this sham council includes human rights offenders Cuba, China and Libya. The Obama administration told the United Nations Human Rights Council that America’s human rights record was less than perfect in the report they submitted to these brutal regimes.

Instead of securing the US southern border the Obama Administration turned Arizona over to the UN for doing the federal government’s job… And they didn’t even let them know before the report was released.

Now we find out the latest nugget of lunacy in Obama’s UN report.
The radical Obama regime believes the un-democratic card check legislation is a human right.
Bluegrass Pundit discovered this in the Administration’s UNHRC report.

Among the tidbits buried in the first Universal Periodic Review (UPR) report of U.S. Human Rights issues was the section excerpted (starting on page 6) below. The Obama administration has declared unionization a human right and indirectly equated it to freedom of speech, freedom of religion and other normal human rights.

23. Freedom of association also protects workers and their right to organize. The labor movement in the United States has a rich history, and the right to organize and bargain collectively under the protection of the law is the bedrock upon which workers are able to form or join a labor union. Workers regularly use legal mechanisms to address complaints such as threats, discharges, interrogations, surveillance, and wages-and-benefits cuts for supporting a union. These legal regimes are continuously assessed and evolving in order to keep pace with a modern work environment. Our UPR consultations included workers from a variety of sectors, including domestic workers who spoke about the challenges they face in organizing effectively. Currently there are several bills in our Congress that seek to strengthen workers’ rights—ensuring that workers can continue to associate freely, organize, and practice collective bargaining as the U.S. economy continues to change.

Of course, this surprises no one.

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