Ahmadinejad Urges More Armed Violence Against Israel in Holy Quds Day Speech

Regime supporters carried an Israeli coffin today at holy Quds Day protests. Children marched with their toy guns. (ISNA)

Iranian regime leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad urged armed violence against Israel and said the peace talks were stillborn in his holy Quds Day speech.
The Guardian reported, via ROP:

Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, today launched an angry attack on “doomed” US-brokered Middle East peace talks and urged the Palestinians to continue armed resistance to Israel.

Ahmadinejad used the annual al-Quds (Jerusalem) Day rally in Tehran to scorn the Obama administration’s efforts in launching the first Arab-Israeli negotiations in nearly two years.

“What do they want to negotiate about? Who are they representing? What are they going to talk about?” the hardline Iranian leader said of the Palestinian negotiating team in Washington.

“Who gave them the right to sell a piece of Palestinian land? The people of Palestine and the people of the region will not allow them to sell even an inch of Palestinian soil to the enemy. The negotiations are stillborn and doomed.”

Iran supports Hamas, the Islamist Palestinian movement that controls the Gaza Strip and opposes talks by Mahmoud Abbas, the western-backed PLO leader who is based in the West Bank. Its armed wing claimed responsibility for killing four Israeli settlers near Hebron on Tuesday. Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other groups have vowed to carry out more attacks.

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