Radical Sherrod Turns Down Lucrative Offer From USDA

In July radical Shirley Sherrod was fired by the Obama Administration after clips from a racist speech she gave were revealed to the public. After her firing the state-run media quickly declared her innocent despite the fact that the speech in question was loaded with racist attacks against whitey and numerous attacks against Republicans.

The democratic-media complex never showed you the rest of her hate-filled speech.
That’s just how they roll.

Today Sherrord turned down an offer to work in the USDA.
The AJC reported:


The former Georgia director for rural development told reporters Tuesday morning that she came very close to taking the new job Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack offered her after demanding her resignation more than a month ago.

” The secretary did push really, really hard for me to stay and work from the inside ,” Sherrod said. “I was tempted.”

On the table were both a deputy director position guiding efforts to fight discrimination within the department, and her old position helping needy Georgia farmers connect with USDA resources.

“I would want to see that work continue,” Sherrod said of her former role in Georgia. “I just don’t think at this point, after all that has happened, that I would be able to take the job.”

Sherrod met with her former boss Tuesday morning for the first time since she was ousted in July over beliefs she was racist.

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