OBAMA'S IRAQ SPEECH – Pathetic Cut-&-Runner Takes Credit For Victory

President Obama will address the nation tonight on the Iraq War and announce the official end of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

From his speech:

“The future is ours to shape if we move forward with confidence.”
(That’s why he opposed the war and surge?)

Obama says he is incredibly proud of our military men and women.
(That’s why he voted to defund them.)

I declare that Iraqi Freedom is over.


Our commitment to Iraq’s future is not over.
(From a politician who once endorsed genocide over victory.)

It’s time to turn the page.

I spoke with George Bush today. (But he does not thank or credit Bush! Outrageous.)
There were patriots who supported this war….

Obama blames war for the poor economy and debt. Not true.

Obama says urgent job is to put people back to work… (It’s about time.)

Here’s the text from tonight’s speech.

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