Howard Dean: I Can’t Shake the Feeling That Obama’s Advisors Are Out of Touch With the Country

Let’s see… 71.1% of moderate Missouri just rejected the democrat’s nationalized health care plan. Americans overwhelmingly reject their cap-and-trade energy tax. And a majority of Americans understand the democrat’s Trillion dollar stimulus was an absolute bust.

A huge majority of Americans disagree with Obama on the Arizona immigration bill, trying 9-11 terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammad in New York City and building a mosque at Ground Zero.

Besides that…
Obama is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression. The economy is sliding into a double-dip recession. Democrats tripled the national deficit in one year and continue to spend like drunken democrats.


So when Howard Dean says:

I can’t help shake the feeling that Obama’s advisors are out of touch with the country.

That’s only a part of the problem. Message is something you can fix but message won’t fix failed results.

Democrats are grasping at straws.
Former DNC Chair Howard Dean was on CNN today.
Via HotAir:

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