Far Left Crank David Letterman Curses Out Andrew Breitbart on National TV (Video)

This far left activist really needs to know his material before he loses it on national TV and makes a complete a$$ of himself… again.

Former comedian David Letterman and crank Rachel Maddow smear FOX News and attack and smear Andrew Breitbart on national TV.
Via Eyeblast TV:

More from The Blast:

David Letterman, speaking to MSNBC host Rachel Maddow on his show, asked about the Shirley Sherrod incident and took it upon himself to slam Andrew Breitbart. At one point during the interview he asked her “how much time, energy was wasted on this a*shole ****ing around?”

Maddow described Breitbart as a “spinoff from Matt Drudge, from the Drudge Report.” Breitbart, indeed, used to serve as an editor of the Drudge Report, but her intentions in mentioning the Drudge Report probably amount to the effectiveness of the site to sway public debate– not to mention millions of viewers visiting per day. Two targets for the price of one. After all, anyone from MSNBC at this point has to be pretty bitter due to their horrific ratings.

Of course, to no ones surprise, she continued to spew the lefts talking points on the matter, reaffirming to Dave that Fox News ran the story as “factual”– when, in fact, they didn’t run the story until after 9 p.m that night, as Fox News anchor Bret Baier confronted Howard Dean on the same lies the mainstream media picked up and ran with. Any opportunity they get to attack Fox News and Conservatives, they utilize to the fullest.

So, when did failed radio and cable news host, Rachel Maddow, become such a respected news personality?

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