Breaking: Ahmadinejad Reportedly Survives Assassination Attempt

Ahmadinejad handlers reportedly react to gunshots during a presidential parade in Hamedan.

Bodyguards reacted to a burst of sound behind the entourage of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (center) as he was welcomed to Hamedan on August 4 (rferl)

Here’s video—
Via Breitbart TV:

The Iranian News denied there was an explosion.
Iran Press News reported:


International news agencies before noon today in a report quoting the site close to Tehran Ali Larijani (Khbranlayn) reported that Ahmadinejad on Wednesday intent on the one hand, Hamadan is a survivor. But Ahmadinejad’s press office has denied the news.

The sources quoted the mentioned site, wrote Wednesday in an explosion near vehicle Ahmadinejad in Hamedan on a given voice in the entire city has been heard. But a charge of Ahmadinejad’s press office told AFP that the voice was not heard from the explosion but was firecracker blast.

Another Iranian website Khabranlayn reported that a grenade was thrown at his vehicle.

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