Tea Party 2.0 (Part 4): TEN Steps to Winning the War Against Socialism

This is part IV in a continuing series by guest blogger John Burns.
Parts I and II are posted here and here.
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Tea Party 2.0 (part 4): TEN Steps to Winning the War Against Socialism
By John Burns


On a very personal level and in a very real way, winning the war against Socialism is as easy as 1,2,… 10. Step by step programs are quite helpful for most any endeavor, and they’re no less useful for fighting Socialist Tyrants.

1. Solemn commitment to stay the course until total victory

Step 1 is the most important step. If you haven’t committed, all future steps are going to end up in failure. You must commit yourself and your family to winning the war, and to not giving up until the war is won. It’s important that your family understands the stakes we’re fighting for, and that they support you in your efforts and respect them. We’re up against a serious opposition that is hell bent on the elimination of the traditional family and of God in society. Our opponents are seeking the subjugation of freedom and of classical American culture. It’s important that your family recognizes their birthright as free people in a free country. Your children need to understand what slavery and serfdom are. You and your family were not born peasants, and your whole family will have to pull together to ensure they don’t die as peasants. The first step toward brining freedom back to America is committing to winning. If you and your friends and family can achieve step 1, you certainly can achieve steps 2-10.

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness concerning all acts of initiative and creation. There is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans; that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen events, meetings and material assistance which no one could have dreamed would have come their way. I have learned a deep respect for one of Goethe’s couplets: ‘Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.’” – W.H. Murray

2. Meditating on, and praying for courage and fearlessness

The longer you fight against the Socialist machine, the more you’ll open yourself up for attacks from mean-spirited or misguided people in the media, blogs or elsewhere. In some instances, taking a stand against corrupt thugs will be met with physical threats. You must constantly pray for strength and wisdom. Being a true patriot and a courageous person of honor demands that you not run from any battle that falls in your lap. You must take responsibility for what happens on your watch in your area.

For example, if your mayor is a corrupt, petty tyrant, you have your work cut out. It doesn’t matter how powerful he is or how much pain he can inflict. What matters is that you are committed. What matters is you are an implacable, relentless force for justice, like Wyatt Earp or an avenging angel. You have a sacred mission in front of you. Your mission is to remove him from office and install people of high character as aldermen and mayor. And, you will not stop until you have won. Even then, the battle still rages because you must ensure that he is kept out of local government, on an on-going, permanent basis.

3. Training (activist and candidate level training)

Once you have committed, you need to seek out training. There are a number of great groups out there that stand ready to get you basic activist training so that you can become effective. But, training is an on-going, life-long process. You should constantly be seeking out additional best-practices and tactics to add to your tool-kit. Attending one seminar is good, but constantly striving to learn ever more about being effective is better.

Once you’re ready to become a candidate of some sort, there is also great training available for running a campaign. For a committed activist however, learning never stops. Be humble enough to admit that you don’t know everything…even if you one day become a trainer of activists, yourself.

For good activist and candidate training, check out www.americanmajority.org . For Block Captain training, email [email protected]

4. Building you Block Captain Team AND continually recruiting, mentoring

You can’t fight a war without an army. You need to recruit a team of people to work with you. Sometimes this can be easy. Sometimes this can be hard. But more people means more brains to solve problems and more shoulders to carry the load.

Einstein said that the power of compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. And it’s true. If you start your wallet with a penny and double your money every day, in a month you’d have over $5 million. Teams of people operate in a similar way. If the value of your labor is 1X, you might assume that the value of 10 people’s labor is 10X. However, the actual value is 100X. People working together accomplish more than merely the sum of their abilities. When people work together, they compound their abilities. Synergy.

Building teams is an investment. Invest in people and together you’ll do amazing things.

5. Skills mastery and expansion of comfort zone: practice makes perfect!

Once you have received training at even a basic level, you need to implement that training. Set aside a minimum of 2 hours per week (for starters), and practice what you’ve learned. Practice does make perfect. As you practice and improve your skills, you’ll become more comfortable with the activities and they’ll become second nature. Sometimes going door-to-door can be uncomfortable for people starting out. If this is the case, start small. Start with going to one house on your street and handing out a Constitution. Then, work your way up to two, three, etc. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Focus on improving day by day, week by week.

6. Owning your block, neighborhoods, precinct, and township

As you begin to master political activism skills, you can focus on using them to an overall strategic goal. For example, you’ll want to organize all like-minded people on your block and in your neighborhood for both political purposes and also charitable purposes. We’re not just creating an association of teams, we’re community building. By getting to know your neighbors, you can also discover who might need your help.

Everybody is going through hard times these days. What if the family down the street from you is having trouble meeting their energy bills, or needs help with daycare? What if an elderly woman down the block needs a wheel-chair ramp built so she can get out of her house more easily? Being a Block Captain, being an American and a lover of freedom means helping people. Part of being a political organizer and taking back America from the Socialists is doing good works in your back yard. The bible says, “They will know we are Christians by our love.” Get to know your neighbors. Help all who need it – regardless of their political allegiances.

There is a good man I know who built a church school near my neighborhood when I was a boy. He built the school using all-volunteer help. He went through a church directory and asked people to help him build the school. If people refused to help or said they were unable to help, he would ask if there was anything HE could do to help THEM. He helped them whenever they asked. In so doing, he spread goodwill and fellowship throughout the entire neighborhood.

7. Investigation of additional opportunities for involvement

We all have our hot-button issues. It’s important that you discover your own hot-button issue and discover an outlet through which you can assist that particular cause. If you focus on things that you’re interested in, it will be easier in the long run to keep consistently active.

8. Assisting candidate or issue campaign

At some point, you need to get used to assisting a political campaign of some kind. Getting anti-Tyranny candidates elected and winning anti-Tyranny issue campaigns is a huge portion of winning the war. Your involvement is crucial.

9. Running for office, yourself

When you’re ready, you need to run for school board, city or county council, for starters. These are the frontline positions that need to be won. Many times, school board members run unopposed. The only way we’re going to take back this country is through installing anti-Tyranny candidates in positions where they can make a difference. If we’re to win, we need to dominate school boards, city/county council, state rep/senate seats.

10. Eternal vigilance: continual recruiting, mentoring new volunteers, and staying active

This war isn’t going to be over any time soon. It’s going to take years of hard work. Even after you kick out the petty tyrant mayor, you’ll still have to be on guard and make sure that he or someone of his ilk doesn’t return or come to power.

In order to win this, we need to be constantly recruiting and mentoring new people in this movement. We need to be consistently active. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

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