Tea Party 2.0 (Part 3): Making a Difference – What are YOU Going to Do RIGHT NOW to Save America?

Tea Party 2.0 (Part 3): Making a Difference – What are YOU Going to Do RIGHT NOW to Save America?

This is part III in a three part series by guest blogger John Burns.
Parts I and II are posted here and here.

Many thanks to all of you around the country who have been eager to get active in your neighborhoods and be Block Captains. In response to parts 1 and 2 of this series, my inbox has been flooded with emails by patriots from two dozen states requesting more information. It’s really overwhelming how many people have woken up and are willing to start taking direct action to fight back, rather than just complain. It’s people like you who are now and will continue to make a difference in our struggle against Socialist tyranny.

Making a difference

Making a difference is simple. It consists of committing one’s heart, soul, and actions to final victory against the Socialist tyrants.

If you can commit to this, for yourself and your family; if you can commit to never giving up until final victory; if you can commit to making this war a part of your life and party of YOUR DUTY; if you can commit to making a contribution to this war effort on a weekly basis until the war is won…if you can do this, you can make a difference. If you can do this, you and your family can single-handedly win the war for our nation. For as Andrew Jackson once said, “One man, with courage, makes a majority.” Truer words were never spoken.

What is needed isn’t the irresolution and half-heartedness of the “summer soldier and sunshine patriot,” but the commitment, dedication, and courage of a patriot warrior.

There are a lot of people out there who are willing to complain about the rape of America that we’re all witnessing right now. But talk is cheap. It doesn’t cost anything to complain. It doesn’t cost anything to shrug off, ignore, or deny the significance of the evil that’s being perpetrated by Socialist thugs. While cathartic, these actions don’t “make a difference.”

And it’s easy to get discouraged and indeed, it’s going to get worse before it gets better . We’re all watching a highly destructive machine stomping on the Constitution. The Socialists are literally developing legal mechanisms right now in order to ensure their hegemony for decades. We have people like Elena Kagan (poised to be confirmed as a SCOTUS justice) who have no problem burning the 1st Amendment, or telling us that the Commerce Clause can be used to justify the creation of laws telling Americans what to eat.

And I get phone calls and emails by the bushel from friends, relatives, acquaintances, and even strangers asking me:

“What do you think about ____? Did you see what happened today? Isn’t that horrible? Don’t you think we’re being conquered by lunatics?”

My response: “Yes I did. Yes it’s horrible. Yes, I do. But what are YOU going to do about it? What are YOU prepared to do RIGHT NOW. Not next week. Not next month. Not after your kids start school again, or after you finish up some home improvement project. What are YOU going to do?”

And there’s always silence. “Well, I’m just so busy.” “Well, my spouse has been on me to do ___.” “Yes, it’s bad but we must simply pray about it.” “I would do something but I hate politics. It’s just so nasty.” “I would do something, but I don’t know what to do.”

No. No. No. Unless you are prepared to roll up your sleeves, put on your work boots and go to work, you haven’t earned the privilege of complaining. Complaining is reserved for those who are actually sweating, bleeding and toiling in the trenches and fighting against the barbarians at the gates. And being discouraged or overwhelmed or scared is no excuse for inaction. And frankly, I’ve even told loved ones that if they’re only going to offer excuses rather than solutions or a willingness to work, don’t call me for the next decade. Yes, what’s happening at the top is frightening, but you can’t control what’s happening at the top. YOU CAN control what’s happening locally. Think nationally, ACT locally.

HOW to Make a Difference

Commitment – to co-opt a Vince Lombardi quote – isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. The first part of making a difference is committing yourself and your family to the war until final victory. Until your local area’s government institutions from school boards, fire boards, city councils, county councils, state rep seats, state senate seats, and even dog catcher – until your local government institutions are completely dominated by friends of the Constitution and of limited government, liberty and of free markets, and until the Socialists have been driven from every university and school in this nation, your work is not done and your commitment must be strong.

There are ample opportunities for you to get involved. But unless you’re committed, it really doesn’t matter.

Next: “Ten Steps to Gain Final Victory”

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