Defeat Socialism – Save America From the Obama-Pelosi Regime… DRAFT SARAH PALIN for RNC Chair

Defeat Socialism in America — Draft Sarah Palin for RNC Chair

The bottom line is this…
America is under attack. The progressive left is attempting to forever alter the foundation of this great nation with their record deficits, record spending, record unemployment, corruption, thuggery, assault on liberty and socialist policies. The Obama-Pelosi Regime must be stopped before they destroy this great nation. Republicans need a great and dynamic personality to lead the party in a vigorous offensive against the Socialist agenda of the Progressive Democrat movement. We don’t have time to waste and we can’t afford to lose this battle against the immoral statists destroying our country.

Michael Steele has made too many critical missteps and has failed to lead the party against the radical Socialist agenda of the Progressive Democrat movement. The failure of Chairman Steele to successfully sell Liberty over Socialism, and to cultivate and facilitate those future candidates who can, is emblematic of the dysfunction of the Republican party, a dysfunction which has over the past four years led the party to near-ruin. We need a true and tested leader.

We need Sarah Palin.

The Republican Party needs Sarah Palin. The country needs Sarah Palin to battle the radical progressives in Washington.

We need Sarah Palin.


WHEREAS the current Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele, has woefully and repeatedly misstepped in his capacity as party Chair, failing to provide the leadership and vision necessary to battle the Progressive Socialist Left’s agenda, and

WHEREAS he has also failed to cultivate and facilitate emerging Conservative candidates who are able to convincingly argue that Liberty is superior to dependence upon the State Apparatus, and

WHEREAS Sarah Palin, by way of radical contrast, consistently and enthusiastically argues on behalf of Liberty, Free Enterprise, Individualism, and a small and Constitutionally limited Federal Government, and

WHEREAS she has also demonstrated an innate affinity with the great majority of Liberty-Loving Americans, a capacity to inspire them to action, and a willingness to act as a National Leader on important Conservative Issues,

THEREFORE, We, the undersigned, submit that Sarah Palin, as soon as is practicably possible, ought to replace Michael Steele


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We Can Do This! You Betcha!

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