Dancing IDF Soldiers of the Nahal Brigade Goes Viral (Video)

These IDF soldiers from the Nahal Brigade dodged disciplinary action for posting a video clip on the YouTube website showing them dancing on a deserted Hebron Street to the sound of an American pop song.

Israeli Soldiers Dancing ft. Kesha – TICK TOCK (Rock the Casba in Hebron)
Via Breitbart TV:

Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to show an Israeli soldier video without giving the Israeli Girls of the IDF equal time:


On a more serious note… Dave Bossie at Citizens United has launched an important campaign at www.stopirannow.com Bossie, President of Citizens United, said, “from the first days of his presidential campaign through today, President Obama has displayed a dangerous naiveté when it comes to the threat that Iran poses to our allies in the Middle East and to the United States itself. History demonstrates that sanctions are not a cure-all for regimes bent on destroying other peaceful nations. The President must step up to this challenge before Iran has the opportunity to develop nuclear weapons.”

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