Breitbart on Shirley Sherrod: "If Anybody Reads the Sainted, Martyred Sherrod’s Entire Speech, This Person Has Not Gotten Past Black vs. White"

Good. Despite enormous pressure from the democratic-media complex, Andrew Breitbart is not folding like a lawn chair. The media wants desperately for Breitbart to admit wrongdoing in the Sherrod racial incident. Instead, he is lashing back at the media for misrepresenting his story, her words and the audience’s reaction to her incredibly offensive and racist speech.
The Politico reported:

An unrepentant Andrew Breitbart told POLITICO on Thursday that the Obama administration and its allies have manufactured a controversy over the video he posted of Shirley Sherrod’s speech to the NAACP as part of an orchestrated effort to take him down.

“I am public enemy No. 1 or 2 to the Democratic Party, the progressive movement and the Obama administration based upon the successes my journalism has had,” Breitbart said in a telephone interview late Thursday morning as he headed to the airport for what he said was a long-planned, three-day vacation.

Breitbart asserted that liberal media outlets are shifting the focus to the misleading excerpting in the videos he posted — as well as his erroneous statement about the context of the footage — to divert attention from what he asserts is a double standard on racist behavior exposed by the video, which he released Monday to push back against a recently passed NAACP resolution expressing concern about “racist elements” in the tea party movement.


“The desire here is to make it about me and not the Democratic establishment and the NAACP vs. the tea party,” Breitbart said, defending the footage he posted as “a self-contained newsworthy video that established the media standard of pointing out that the NAACP countenanced racism in its own award dinner setting. That was the point. That was the point. And the video proves it.”

He offered no apology to Sherrod but said that she has not been held accountable for the racial overtones of what she said.

“If anybody reads the sainted, martyred Sherrod’s entire speech, this person has not gotten past black vs. white,” he said.

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