Thousands Protest Mega-Mosque Plans at Ground Zero

Do we need an area for pilgrimage for Muslims in New York? Do we need a holy mosque on Ground Zero? They will come and pay their pilgrimage right here in New York at the mosque. We have 3,000 dead Americans looking down on us today. They are saying, “We don’t want to hear ‘Allahu Akbar’ any more.”

Noni Darwish
Mega-Mosque Protest
New York City
June 6, 2010

Thousands turned out today to protest the Mega-Mosque planned for Ground Zero.
They were expecting 500 but over 5,000 came out.
Pamela Geller has a report.

Urban Infidel were there and have several photos and video from the protest.

This really is unbelievable.
The 15 floor Mega-Mosque and prayer space will be built in the shadow of Ground Zero.
Pamela Gellar was on CNN this morning to discuss the mosque plans.

The Ground Zero Mosque Imam is linked to the Gaza Flotilla.
He’s no moderate.

Egyptian-American human rights activist Noni Darwish spoke to the crowd today.
Urban Infidel posted the video:

The sound isn’t the best but her message is very clear.

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