Terror-Linked American Leftist Nut Ken O'Keefe Defends Attacking Israeli Soldiers on the Mavi Marmara (Video)

When Unhinged Leftists Attack–
American activist Ken O’Keefe is on record admitting that he had met Ismail Haniya, the Hamas leader, and said that he supported the organisation’s “right to violent resistance”. O’Keefe also admitted last week that he helped to subdue two Israeli commandos after leaders of the Turkish Islamic IHH charity enacted “a plan to defend the boat.” This weekend Israeli authorities reported that five of the pro-Palestinian activists, including Ken O’Keefe, aboard the Mavi Marmara have links to the Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements.

Today American leftist, nutcase and suspected terror Ken O’Keefe defended his actions plotting against and attacking Israeli soldiers on the Mari Marmara.

From the Aljazeera video:

Israeli authorities are defying international criticism of last week’s raid on the Gaza aid flotilla, in which nine people were killed.

They are now claiming that five passengers on board the Mavi Marmara were “active terrorists”.

Israel’s “terrorist” list includes two Turks, one French, and two US citizens.

Ken O’Keefe, a former US marine, who is on the list, is accused of being a “radical anti-Israel activist” whom the Israelis say wanted to “train a commando unit” for Hamas.

But speaking to Al Jazeera’s Veronica Pedrosa, O’Keefe denied the allegation.

He should be in prison.

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