Tea Party Patriots Hold "Al Capone" Protest at Chicago Dem-Linked Bank

Marathon Pundit joined a group of tea party patriots to protest ShoreBank in Chicago on Wednesday.

That’s Marathon Pundit as Al Capone.

A hearty group of patriots attended a Tea Party protest this afternoon outside the downtown Chicago offices of ShoreBank, the only one of 72 failed banks to receive a bailout since New Year’s Day.

Why were they so lucky? Because ShoreBank “plays the game” with big Democratic politicians: the Chicago Way, the Al Capone Way…it won the Democratic lottery. That is why I dressed as “Scarface Al” for the event and positioned myself at ShoreBank’s front door.

Joel Pollak, a Skokie Republican running against Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Evanston), led the rally. Schakowswky, Pollak informed us, led the Washington bailout-bucket brigade for ShoreBank:

Rep. Schakowsky had a conflict of interest, since ShoreBank may have saved her husband some prison time in the 1990s by allowing him to pay back money from a check kiting scheme for which he was later convicted in 2006,” Pollak said. “She also encouraged the public to invest in ShoreBank in January 2010, Pollak added, “when she knew the bank was in trouble. She should never have involved herself in the bailout effort.”


More photos at Marathon Pundit blog.

Here’s more on the crooked Shore Bank bailout from FOX Business News:

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