Sarah Palin on Newsweek Hit Piece: I Don't Trust Newsweek… "That's One of the Reasons They're Going Down" (Video)

Here is a look at Newsweek’s latest hit piece on Sarah Palin and conservative women:

After the success of the candidates that Sarah Palin endorsed in this past week’s primaries, Newsweek predictably mocks Sarah and Conservative American women. They must all be wingnut Christofascists, you know.

Today Sarah Palin commented on this latest Newsweek Palin hit piece:
“I don’t trust their reporting all of the time… That’s one of the reasons they’re going down.”

Alisyn Camerota: This coming week you are on Newsweek magazine’s cover and the title is, “What Palin’s appeal to conservative Christian women says about feminism.” What does it say about feminism?

Sarah Palin: I haven’t read the article and I don’t trust a lot of the things that Newsweek covers and I think that is the reason Newsweek is going down because a whole lot of people, along with me, don’t believe what they cover.

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